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Presentation and contacts
The Iokaï Shiatsu Europe association, which is in Geneva, Swiss, gathers the national associations of seven European countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland.
EISA is the owner of the logo and the mark Iokai and, as such, manages the use of the mark Iokai in Europe, which is the guarantee of the quality of our practitioners and our teachers.

What is EISA ?
The Iokai Shiatsu Europe association EISA is the association which groups together the delegates of associations national Iokai under the presidency of Kazunori Sasaki sensei and a consisted Board of directors
- Kazunori Sasaki sensei, président
- Thierry Camagie, vice-président
- Gilbert Grandjean, trésorier
- Nicole Jalil, secrétaire.
It works under the form of a committee which meets two - three times a year and plays a role of union of the national associations. Every delegate represents their one national association and they inform the committee of the situation of thier national association. They are the representative of it and ratifies or rejects, in his name, the decisions taken by EISA..

Who is concerned by the decisions taken by EISA ?
Through the national associations, all the members, that they are students, practitioners or teachers.
All the fully qualified teachers are members of the Academy of Europe Iokai. Certificate Iokai is formally awarded in the name of this Academy to the students who pass successfully their certification.

What are the objectives of EISA?
- Harmonize and improve the quality of the education Iokai in the different European countries, and maintain the spirit, the philosophy and the values of Iokai.

- Fix the educational orientations for each of the levels of learning and the rules of allocation of certificates.

- Define and control the rights and the obligations of the students.

- List the expectations and the needs of the students, practitioners and teachers Iokai.

- Organize courses for the teachers and workshop for the practitioners.

- Publish an annual bulletin which reflects the activities of EISA and the researches led by the European Committee of the Practitioners, supervised by Sasaki sensei..

- Facilitate the exchanges of information between the national associations about their activities and their needs.

The National Contacts

Germany /Austria

Tilman Gaebler,
Schelmengasse 13, D-72046 Bisingen,
tél : 0049-7476-3405
fax : 0049-7476-34 06.

Rüdiger Vonhoff,
Kirschallee 11, D-53115 Bonn,
tél : 0049- 0228/219715.
fax : 0049-0228/2420421.

Günter Mack,
Am Römling 14, D-93047
tél : 0049-9415-3096
fax : 0049-9415-2156.

Autriche :
Hugo Sommerer
Bräuerstr. 13
A-5400 Hallein
Tel./Fax: +43(0)6245-837 86

France / Belgium / Luxembourg
Thierry Camagie,
ISA, 31 rue Saint-Saëns, 13001 Marseille,
tél/fax : 04 91 33 52 75.

Arie Spruit,
via B.Luini 4
21014 Laveno Mombello
tel/fax: 0332-626999

Eloise Sewell,
1e Jacob van Campenstr. 40, NL-1072 BG Amsterdam,
tél : 0031-20-66 47 032
fax : 0031-20-67 20794.

Nicole JaliL,
10 avenue de Gennecy, 1237 AVULLY, SUISSE,
tél/fax/rép : 00 41 - 22/756 44 12.